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I must write. The urge is too great to ignore. The words burn down my veins from my head to my lower arm, where they sometimes get clogged, then into my wrists and down to my fingers finally to appear upon paper or a blinking screen. It’s like an addiction, and each day I do not write is like a different day for an addict in the beginning stages trying to get clean. It’s messy, it’s terrible, it just IS.

That is how I know I’m a writer.

Ideas. I can’t close my eyes some days without being bombarded with words, phrases, characters, and images that are dying to be created, to be written, to be SEEN, EXPERIENCED. My creative center is on a hair trigger and the world is my trigger, writing my bullets. As much as my arms ache when clogged my brain goes into overdrive. The constant images, words, personalities, and voices clamor nonstop in ebbs and flows; I never know just what is going to set it off into high gear again (Hell, my latest short story was inspired by a license plate for cripes sake).

That is how I know I’m a writer.

With words that emerge as smooth and natural as breathing, inspiration and ideas appearing from something as simple as a sneeze-

That is how I know I’m a writer.


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