Nov. 15th, 2012

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Welcome one and all to the first "official" post to 'Arkand'rs Box'! I'm really glad that you could join me. I"m not expecting to be able to do much regarding updates and posting to this blog this month seeing as it's my yearly Month of Crazy also konwn around the internet as 'NaNoWriMo/National Novel Writing Month'.

NaNoWriMo is a really great program which entails writing 50k (that's 50,000) words starting on the 1st of November and ending on the 30th at midnight.

Seems like quite the challenge, right?

While it is a challenge, the community of writers that get together each year on this month to be spontanious, crazy, wild, and fun are such a great support system and sounding board. I love them and the rush I get from cramming out words while half asleep not even caring about spelling, conjugation or syntax is immense.

This year my novel of choice has been playfully dubbed "Timey Wimey Mage Adventures". (Why yes, I'm a Dr Who fan, how did you guess? XD) Like the name states, it involves magic, time travel, and adventure!

Have I interested anyone yet? If so, here's the link to the website: (feel free to switch the site to your preferred language.

...I would love to talk more about all this but unfortunately, my roommate has set a word goal for me to reach by the end of this hour or I will get a giant stuffed blue bulldog that looks like a pedophile in dog form chucked at my head.

I better get to writing, then!!!



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