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My first job was far from glamourous. In truth it was the first place my mother took me, and I was interviewed and hired on the spot. I was actually pretty excited about it, even though it was McDonalds.

My first day of work, I was given the job of making the fries. This entailed ripping open large bags of uncooked fries and dumping them into the fry dispenser, then taking the full fry grill basket and dumping it into one of three vats of grease. They cook for about 3 minutes (if I remember correctly. I could be wrong),  then they get dumped into the salting/warming station to get salted and boxed for customers.

Everything was going pretty well for the first hour, I had gotten the hang of things fairly decently in my opinion-

when the rush started.

It was crazy, almost as if at least one third of the city decided they had to have McDonald's right then and there all at the same time.
Now the way the store is set up, you can really only fit two people between the fry station and the prepared burger station.Since it was getting so  busy there were more than ust myself and one other person in that area.

Unfortunately, I was so busy concentrating on what I was doing that I wasn't paying attention to what was going on around me, so when I turned around with a hot basket to dump the fresh fries I accidentally touched the basket to my managers arm, burning her.

She yelled in pain, glared, and had me spend the rest of my shift cleaning.

After that day I always made sure to be aware of what was going on and who was around me.


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