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   A while back, in order to help get my creative juices flowing, I decided to do a series of character interviews for some of my WIPs. After a few weeks of debating, I've decided to share a few of them with you all.
The two characters I'm showing today are from the Urban Fantasy novella 'Blood Tells'. It's the story of a young half elf discovering his past, his heritage, while being hunted down by the minions of the Lunarvin leader. Balancing college, a part time job, and trying to solve the puzzle of his past without dying in the process is quite the job for nineteen year old Ranyou Einhei . Luckily, he's not alone.


Oh oh Oh! Great idea here! Character interview yay!!!

BT Cast:*fake cheer* yaaaaaay.

First up will be the main man, he who wears a collar-

RT: My mom made me and it's MAGIC.

Anyway, for your enjoyment, here is Ranyou Tanje Himself!!!

So, Hi there, guy.

RT: Hey there, Author

First question, what's your full name?

RT: *eyeroll* Easy. Ranyou Tanje Einhei

Your name rhymes! *giggle*

RT: yes I know.

Next, Age?

RT: Just turned nineteen this past Beltane

Beltane? Are you perhaps Wiccan or Pagan?

RT: *shrug* Not really, but I guess if you had to call me something it'd be a Neo Pagan.

Neat. Actually your name's prety interesting as well.

RT: thanks. I have interesting parentage.

Really? Do tell.

RT: My father Ginrei Einhei was Japanese and my mother Lotte is Lunarvin

Lunarvin? As in luna, meaning moon?

RT: *looking a bit uncomfortable* yes. it translates fully as 'Moon Elf'

Wait wait wait. You mean you aren't fully human?

RT: No. You got a problem with it?


RT: Good because I spent most of my childhood on the run from Lunarvin hunters trying to kill me and my mom. It got so bad that she had to leave me with my aunt and uncle when I was eight.

Oh I'm so sorry.

RT: *shrg* It's been awhile. I'm okay now.

So you said earlier she gave you that collar and it's magic?

RT: Yeah t's supposed to hide me until I reach my Moon's Majority.

And that is??

RT: *Shrug* I can't remember.

so we're just going to have to find out then, right?

RT: I guess.

So, RanTan, I can call you that right?

RT: That's what my best friends do.

Cool. So, nineteen. You in college?

RT: Yeah I'm a freshman at LSU

What're you studying if you don't mind my asking?

RT: I'm majoring in veterinary medicine and minoring in anthropology.

Wow those are pretty different. *laughs* Not that I can really talk XD

RT: no you can't.

How did you figure out you were a moon elf?

RT: I always knew I was different. My mom would tell me stories of her childhood. She never actually SAID we were moon elves but I did at times hear her mention Lunaervin.

Do you remember what she looks like?

RT: kind of. I remember she was tiny and delicate with china doll features and long curly hair. She also had dark grey wolf ears and matching tail.

O.o wolf ears and tail? Was she a furry too?!

RT: * stands and walks out*

H-hey RanTan it was a joke ! I'm sorry come back!

...touchy touchy. He didn't have to leave like that though. Prima Donna drama queen.

Oh well I'll save the rest of the questions til later.

So we're good. Next on the interview is the Wild Wiccan Wonder herself! (Who also hopefully won't be as touchy.)

[Commercial Break]

Welcome back everyone to: Meet the BT Cast!


Last time we had a bit of an issue with the main character stomping off, but this next character interview should go lots better. Everyone, let's give a warm welcome to the bold, the bright, the Wild Wiccan Wonder herself, Skylar Reed!!!!

//cheers and applause//

Skylar: *waves, smiling* Hi, everyone!

So Skylar, there's a ton of questions here for you today.

Skylar: Yeah? Like what?

Well first, can we get you name and age please?

Skylar: Sure, I'm Skylar Raven Reed and I'm eighteen.

Okay. That's a neat name.

Skylar: Thanks, it's a family name and Pops didn't want Raven as my first name. *shrug*

So, any thoughts of high school? College?

Skylar: Nope. I have no need for any of that.

So did you ever graduate high school?

Skylar: No. I got kicked out for lame reasons I refuse to go into other than they suppressed my given rights as an American citizen.

I'm...sensing hostilities.

Skylar: I refuse to bow down to a hypocritical government that's dead set on destroying the already crappy education system and-

You remind me of this other person I met once. His name was Remy...

Skylar: Oh Rems? He's a distant cousin.

...why am I not susrprised? *sigh*

Skylar: I don't know, maybe cause we're both so awesome?

So no high school degree nor plans of college?

Skylar: Nah. I have a decent job apprenticed to the current Mother of our coven. It's a very high honor. Working in her shop is the best thing to ever happen to me.

Aren't you afraid that you might be perpetuating the sterotype of wiccans being eco terrorists?

Skylar: Are you kidding me?! 'Eco terrorists'? Are you some kind of biggot?

No no I'm just wondering based on sterotypes in the real world.

Skylar: Honey this IS the real world, and you have something wrong with you, thinking or even suggesting that my fighting for the rights given to me as an American and a human being and giving a damn about our environment automatically ranks me as a possible eco terrorist!

uh.. Skylar you're glowing... *backing away* And I'm not calling you an eco terrorist. I'm sorry for any insinuation.

Skylar: *eyes flash bright green then calm down* That's better. So, what was the question again?

Your opinion on being stereotyped.

Skylar: Now why couldn't you have just put it that way earlier? *sighs and eyeroll* Stereotyping happens everywhere and hey if people wanna stereotype me all the power to them. Just don't come crying to me if the other realm decides to fuck with you.

As a wiccan, are you a natural or practising? If a natural, what is your gift if you don't mind my asking?

Skylar: I'm a gifted natural. My gift...*smile* is a secret for now.

Cool. So you work at a shop? Is it an herbal store? candle store? or a combo magic shop?

Skylar: It's a New Age store selling herbs, candles, meditation music, inscense, books, athemes, stones, wands, wood, alter supplies, you name it.

Wow. impressive!

Skylar: Thanks. Do you have anything else for me?

How did you meet RanTan?

Skylar: He ran into the shop one day, panicked. He was babbling about animal totems, being chased, and other strange things I couldn't quite understand. One of the first things I noticed about the kid was the strange wavyness of his figure and the odd glow centered around his neck.

Are you friends?

Skylar: Of course we're friends! I've known the boy for two years. Even though looking head on at him gives my third eye a headache. He has the cutest little springer spaniel that follows him around! *squeals*

So you like animals?

Skylar: of course! Though that Ranyou is something else with animals. If he was Wiccan I'd say it was his born gift. But he has to be something else entirely. I'm not positive but my instincts say he is something different; something other worldly.

You mentioned your father earlier. What's he like?

Skylar: Dad? Well, he's pretty cool actually. I mean he was mad initially when I quit school to work on my gift, but after seeing what I can do now he's been okay with it. Which is funny, him being a lawyer and all...

Okay then. Thanks a bunch, Skylar!

Skylar: No problem.

And that's a wrap on this installment of:
Meet the BT Cast!


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