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If you came here looking for some strange talent that I might possess, I am afraid you will have to be quite disappointed. I am not a person of many talents, unfortunately.
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The first time I was one a plane, my eigth grade class went on a trip to Washington, DC. I remember being both excited by the fact I'd be riding a plane, but terrified I would get lost then left in DC. I was so panicked by that fact I made certain to clothe myself in the brightest colors I could find in my wardrobe.

I don't really remember the airport itself, but I remember we had an entire section of the plane just for our trip. I was especially pleased that not only was I seated by my best friend, but I also had a window seat. It was awesome. We were seated in a short row, and the only other person in our row was also hyperactive like me. I was so busy being bonkers with him that I didn't have time to worry abotu the plane taking off.

I spent the first part of the flight taking pictures out the window of the scenery down below. Everything looked so tiny, almost toylike. The roads were ribbons and the houses the size of monopoly pieces. The clouds were so close I wanted to reach through the window and grab a bunch to take home with me. I had never seen a sunrise so close up before. I swear I could almost see each seperate color and where they met in the sky.

The in-flight movie, much to my disgust, was ANTZ. That movie is dumb and I promptly ignored it.

I must have fallen asleep at some point because the last thing I remember before getting off the plane was closing my eyes and blasting my cd player to drown out the movie.
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It was early morning, around 6 am and I was on the road heading for Chicago. Blood pumping Japanese rock music was blasting from my car speakers as I drove down the mostly empty highway, singing at the top of my lungs in order to stay awake and focused.

I was on my way to an anime (that is Japanese cartoons) convention in Chicago, Anime Central to be exact, and had to wake up early to make the around 4 hour drive from my home town in Indiana. Hence my needing loud music to stay awake.

It was the first time I had driven to Chicago, and I had the bright idea to do so alone. Just for that reason I will never forget the entire trip both there and back home. My exact playlist was Miyavi, Gackt, Angela and the soundtracks to the animes X, Bastard!, Wolf's Rain, and Noir.
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Step 1: Only do this in Winter

Step 2: Wait for it to get so cold all nearby bodies of water are frozen. This is a MUST.

Step 3: Sit outside on the front steps bored out of your mind.

Step 4: Try to think of something to do.

Step 5: Remember it's really cold out so maybe there's ice somewhere.

Step 6: Decide you want to go ice skating.

Step 7: Pout a bit because you're nowhere near an ice skating rink and you mom definietly WON'T take you to one.

Step 8: Ponder how to get around this.

Step 9: Remember ice skating is basically sliding across the ice on shoes, which is totally doable.

Step 10: Think where ice could be.

Step 11: Remember the neighbors have two decent sized fish ponds that aurely are frozen over. Perfect for you needs.

Step 12: Spot a neighbor boy.

Step 13: Invite him along. Threaten if necessary.

Step 14: You both head next door.

Step 15: Notice no one is there.

Step 16: Head to the back gate.

Step 17: Open the gate and walk into their back yard.

Step 18: Beeline right for the larger frozen fish pond.

Step 19: Test the ice by putting pressure on the ice with one foot.

Step 20: Decide its safe.

Step 21: Step fully onto the ice

Step 22: Slide along the edge of the pond by shuffling your feet

Step 23: Switch to the smaller foot shaped pond to give neighbor boy his own pond to skate on

Step 24: Get bright idea to skate down the exact middle of the pond.

Step 25: Make way to the middle of the pond.

Step 26: Get halfway down the middle.

Step 27: Hear a loud crack.

Step 28: Fall through the ice.

Step 29: DO NOT PANIC! (important step here)

Step 30: kick off the bottom of the pond.

Step 31: Swim like mad to the surface.

Step 32: Scramble/swim to the edge of the pond.

Step 33: Get out of the pond with help from the neighbor boy.

Step 34: Make way back home.

Step 35: Say goodbyw to neighbor boy

Step 36: Slosh your way inside.

Step 37: Go into kitchen and tell your mom what happened.

Step 38: Get lectured while taking clothes off.

Step 39: Promise parents to go apologize once the neighbors get home.

Step 40: Wait for neighbors to return.

Step 41: Head over to neighbors house to apologize.

Step 42: Trudge home a bit hurt and confused after you aren't believed.

Step 43: Tell parents the result.

Step 44: Still get grounded. 
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My first job was far from glamourous. In truth it was the first place my mother took me, and I was interviewed and hired on the spot. I was actually pretty excited about it, even though it was McDonalds.

My first day of work, I was given the job of making the fries. This entailed ripping open large bags of uncooked fries and dumping them into the fry dispenser, then taking the full fry grill basket and dumping it into one of three vats of grease. They cook for about 3 minutes (if I remember correctly. I could be wrong),  then they get dumped into the salting/warming station to get salted and boxed for customers.

Everything was going pretty well for the first hour, I had gotten the hang of things fairly decently in my opinion-

when the rush started.

It was crazy, almost as if at least one third of the city decided they had to have McDonald's right then and there all at the same time.
Now the way the store is set up, you can really only fit two people between the fry station and the prepared burger station.Since it was getting so  busy there were more than ust myself and one other person in that area.

Unfortunately, I was so busy concentrating on what I was doing that I wasn't paying attention to what was going on around me, so when I turned around with a hot basket to dump the fresh fries I accidentally touched the basket to my managers arm, burning her.

She yelled in pain, glared, and had me spend the rest of my shift cleaning.

After that day I always made sure to be aware of what was going on and who was around me.


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