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2014-10-07 03:54 am
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4 in a Row


Awkward deer dancing in the forest,
Hobbling to and fro.
Weaving and twirling,
leaping and curling,
Why? I do not know.


Now is time
to write inn rhyme.
Why is it so?
I still don't know.

Mr. Moss

Mr Moss, 
gave his green hair a toss.
He pondered the loss,
of his favorite dental floss,
And in all he felt rather cross.

He walks in light

She walks, 
in light.
He walks, 
in shadow.

She laughs,
in light.
He weeps, 
in shadow.

She sings,
in light.
He screams
in shadow.

She lives,
in light.
He's dying,
in shadow.

She stops,
in light.
He stops,
in  shadow.

He walks,
in light.
She walks,
in shadow.

He rejoices,
in light.
She smiles,
in shadow.

He lives,
in light.
She fades,
in shadow.

He walks,
He laughs,
He sings,
in light.

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2014-10-03 09:08 pm
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Explanation and a poem

It has just come to my attention that I randomly starting poetry with no real explanation on why. IT wasn't just some random whim, though it would definitely be like me to do it that way. But no. I am participating in something called OctPoWriMo.

Basically, it's NaNoWriMo with poetry. A poem a day each day in October. Neat, huh?

Oh green, green salad.
A combination of vegetables thrown together seeming at random
Often called 'rabbit food'
you are mocked
regarded with disgust
but oh worry not oh salad
for your people will arise
a whole gathering
just for you
you will even have impersonators,
wanna-bes who attempt to reach your greatness...
only to fail.
there is only one salad.
One vegetable menagerie God.
and that is you.
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2014-10-02 03:19 am

Ode and a Penny

Ode 2 a Smart Aleck

So today someone suggested
A poem regarding 'two'.
Which really got me thinking,
about what type to do.

There's of course the number two,
and the to that is a preposition
And after that you have
the word meaning also, too.

But there is one more than that.
Which makes it even funner.
Imagine a ballet dancer in a pair of runner
Sporting a colorful, tutu.

If you are reading this,
and are somewhat perplexed,
Imagine being Ceaser who spoke:
Et tu Brutus?


Poor forgotten penny,
left alone in the road,
down a drainpipe,
in the trash,
under a sofa cushion.

Thought Worthless.

A mix of copper,
and other metals,
a muttley combination.

Not pure.
No worth.

Poor strange penny,
melted into bits;
warped from your true purpose;
used not to spend,
but to INSPIRE.

No longer a poor penny,
your path went a different way.
Not poor in being,
in every way.
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2014-01-18 07:42 pm


It appears that I forgot about my blog. *deep blush* Shame on me.

I will try to update more often.
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2013-08-13 12:02 am
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Under-appreciated and alone,
She walks a path aligned in stone.
Each step taken a thorny start,
For pain to fill her broken heart.
But down that path she still will go,
Though the end she'll never know.
At the end she hopes to see,
Who it is she's meant to be.
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2013-07-26 06:21 pm
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Project Rassafrass: Hermit

Karie Chaos (@KarieChaos)

7/21/13 10:48 PM

@randblacksquare if you don't respond soon I'll just come bug you.

MJ Johnson (@randblacksquare)

7/21/13 11:12 PM

@KarieChaos uhhhhhhh whu?

Karie Chaos (@KarieChaos)

7/21/13 11:18 PM

@randblacksquare I'm on yo porch!

MJ Johnson (@randblacksquare)

7/21/13 11:22 PM

@KarieChaos :P

Karie Chaos (@KarieChaos)

7/21/13 11:24 PM

@randblacksquare Come for a walk with me while its not "OMGHOT".

MJ Johnson (@randblacksquare)

7/21/13 11:27 PM

@KarieChaos dunwanna.

Karie Chaos (@KarieChaos)

7/21/13 11:28 PM

@randblacksquare C'mon~ I'm bored, and there's nothing to do at my house.

MJ Johnson (@randblacksquare)

7/21/13 11:30 PM

@KarieChaos nope. I'm happy in my tanuki den. Not going anywhere.

Karie Chaos (@KarieChaos)

7/21/13 11:31 PM

@randblacksquare fine. Be a bitchhermit.

MJ Johnson (@randblacksquare)

7/21/13 11:39 PM

@KarieChaos yep. ^_^

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2013-07-25 06:01 pm
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New project

Hello, everyone! Long time no see, eh? It's been a rough few months here.

But enough about my issues. You want to know about my new project!

( least I hope you do.)

I call this project 'Rassafrass'.

What is 'Rassafrass' you ask? Why it is going to be the strangest, most amusing, most bizarre, most unique experience you will ever find on the internet!

In this project I will be using photos, social media, short flm, stream of consciousness AND plush animals to tell various stories of life as I see it.

Sounds fun, right?

Well get ready for the ride of your life.


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2013-05-26 11:57 am
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Six Sentence Sunday

Hullo boys and girls! Today we are going to take a look at a snippet of my latest story by participating in a little event called 'Six Sentence Sunday'.

Note: It's a rough draft so there may be a few grammatical issues.

" You didn't mean to be late, but you destroyed yet another dreaded alarm clock and continued to sleep on without a care in the world." She interrupted, already well familiar with that particular spiel. "You've used that explination I don't even know how many times. The fact it's more likely than not the complete truth is sad and utterly ridiculous. You're 22 years old, Wheeler. By now you should have figured out a way to get around your issues with alarm clocks!"
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2013-04-07 12:52 am
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It's that month again, where brave writers spend an entire month in writing abandon!

...and i'm right there with the best and worst of them!
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2013-03-17 07:22 pm
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No Talents Here

If you came here looking for some strange talent that I might possess, I am afraid you will have to be quite disappointed. I am not a person of many talents, unfortunately.
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2013-03-16 01:17 am
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Plane to DC

The first time I was one a plane, my eigth grade class went on a trip to Washington, DC. I remember being both excited by the fact I'd be riding a plane, but terrified I would get lost then left in DC. I was so panicked by that fact I made certain to clothe myself in the brightest colors I could find in my wardrobe.

I don't really remember the airport itself, but I remember we had an entire section of the plane just for our trip. I was especially pleased that not only was I seated by my best friend, but I also had a window seat. It was awesome. We were seated in a short row, and the only other person in our row was also hyperactive like me. I was so busy being bonkers with him that I didn't have time to worry abotu the plane taking off.

I spent the first part of the flight taking pictures out the window of the scenery down below. Everything looked so tiny, almost toylike. The roads were ribbons and the houses the size of monopoly pieces. The clouds were so close I wanted to reach through the window and grab a bunch to take home with me. I had never seen a sunrise so close up before. I swear I could almost see each seperate color and where they met in the sky.

The in-flight movie, much to my disgust, was ANTZ. That movie is dumb and I promptly ignored it.

I must have fallen asleep at some point because the last thing I remember before getting off the plane was closing my eyes and blasting my cd player to drown out the movie.
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2013-03-15 01:39 am
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Road Trippin'

It was early morning, around 6 am and I was on the road heading for Chicago. Blood pumping Japanese rock music was blasting from my car speakers as I drove down the mostly empty highway, singing at the top of my lungs in order to stay awake and focused.

I was on my way to an anime (that is Japanese cartoons) convention in Chicago, Anime Central to be exact, and had to wake up early to make the around 4 hour drive from my home town in Indiana. Hence my needing loud music to stay awake.

It was the first time I had driven to Chicago, and I had the bright idea to do so alone. Just for that reason I will never forget the entire trip both there and back home. My exact playlist was Miyavi, Gackt, Angela and the soundtracks to the animes X, Bastard!, Wolf's Rain, and Noir.
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2013-03-14 10:53 pm
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Ice Disaster: A How To Guide

Step 1: Only do this in Winter

Step 2: Wait for it to get so cold all nearby bodies of water are frozen. This is a MUST.

Step 3: Sit outside on the front steps bored out of your mind.

Step 4: Try to think of something to do.

Step 5: Remember it's really cold out so maybe there's ice somewhere.

Step 6: Decide you want to go ice skating.

Step 7: Pout a bit because you're nowhere near an ice skating rink and you mom definietly WON'T take you to one.

Step 8: Ponder how to get around this.

Step 9: Remember ice skating is basically sliding across the ice on shoes, which is totally doable.

Step 10: Think where ice could be.

Step 11: Remember the neighbors have two decent sized fish ponds that aurely are frozen over. Perfect for you needs.

Step 12: Spot a neighbor boy.

Step 13: Invite him along. Threaten if necessary.

Step 14: You both head next door.

Step 15: Notice no one is there.

Step 16: Head to the back gate.

Step 17: Open the gate and walk into their back yard.

Step 18: Beeline right for the larger frozen fish pond.

Step 19: Test the ice by putting pressure on the ice with one foot.

Step 20: Decide its safe.

Step 21: Step fully onto the ice

Step 22: Slide along the edge of the pond by shuffling your feet

Step 23: Switch to the smaller foot shaped pond to give neighbor boy his own pond to skate on

Step 24: Get bright idea to skate down the exact middle of the pond.

Step 25: Make way to the middle of the pond.

Step 26: Get halfway down the middle.

Step 27: Hear a loud crack.

Step 28: Fall through the ice.

Step 29: DO NOT PANIC! (important step here)

Step 30: kick off the bottom of the pond.

Step 31: Swim like mad to the surface.

Step 32: Scramble/swim to the edge of the pond.

Step 33: Get out of the pond with help from the neighbor boy.

Step 34: Make way back home.

Step 35: Say goodbyw to neighbor boy

Step 36: Slosh your way inside.

Step 37: Go into kitchen and tell your mom what happened.

Step 38: Get lectured while taking clothes off.

Step 39: Promise parents to go apologize once the neighbors get home.

Step 40: Wait for neighbors to return.

Step 41: Head over to neighbors house to apologize.

Step 42: Trudge home a bit hurt and confused after you aren't believed.

Step 43: Tell parents the result.

Step 44: Still get grounded. 
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2013-03-13 10:31 pm
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A Day at Work

My first job was far from glamourous. In truth it was the first place my mother took me, and I was interviewed and hired on the spot. I was actually pretty excited about it, even though it was McDonalds.

My first day of work, I was given the job of making the fries. This entailed ripping open large bags of uncooked fries and dumping them into the fry dispenser, then taking the full fry grill basket and dumping it into one of three vats of grease. They cook for about 3 minutes (if I remember correctly. I could be wrong),  then they get dumped into the salting/warming station to get salted and boxed for customers.

Everything was going pretty well for the first hour, I had gotten the hang of things fairly decently in my opinion-

when the rush started.

It was crazy, almost as if at least one third of the city decided they had to have McDonald's right then and there all at the same time.
Now the way the store is set up, you can really only fit two people between the fry station and the prepared burger station.Since it was getting so  busy there were more than ust myself and one other person in that area.

Unfortunately, I was so busy concentrating on what I was doing that I wasn't paying attention to what was going on around me, so when I turned around with a hot basket to dump the fresh fries I accidentally touched the basket to my managers arm, burning her.

She yelled in pain, glared, and had me spend the rest of my shift cleaning.

After that day I always made sure to be aware of what was going on and who was around me.
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2013-03-03 12:28 am

Character Interviews: Blood Tells

   A while back, in order to help get my creative juices flowing, I decided to do a series of character interviews for some of my WIPs. After a few weeks of debating, I've decided to share a few of them with you all.
The two characters I'm showing today are from the Urban Fantasy novella 'Blood Tells'. It's the story of a young half elf discovering his past, his heritage, while being hunted down by the minions of the Lunarvin leader. Balancing college, a part time job, and trying to solve the puzzle of his past without dying in the process is quite the job for nineteen year old Ranyou Einhei . Luckily, he's not alone.


Oh oh Oh! Great idea here! Character interview yay!!!

BT Cast:*fake cheer* yaaaaaay.

First up will be the main man, he who wears a collar-

RT: My mom made me and it's MAGIC.

Anyway, for your enjoyment, here is Ranyou Tanje Himself!!!

So, Hi there, guy.

RT: Hey there, Author

First question, what's your full name?

RT: *eyeroll* Easy. Ranyou Tanje Einhei

Your name rhymes! *giggle*

RT: yes I know.

Next, Age?

RT: Just turned nineteen this past Beltane

Beltane? Are you perhaps Wiccan or Pagan?

RT: *shrug* Not really, but I guess if you had to call me something it'd be a Neo Pagan.

Neat. Actually your name's prety interesting as well.

RT: thanks. I have interesting parentage.

Really? Do tell.

RT: My father Ginrei Einhei was Japanese and my mother Lotte is Lunarvin

Lunarvin? As in luna, meaning moon?

RT: *looking a bit uncomfortable* yes. it translates fully as 'Moon Elf'

Wait wait wait. You mean you aren't fully human?

RT: No. You got a problem with it?


RT: Good because I spent most of my childhood on the run from Lunarvin hunters trying to kill me and my mom. It got so bad that she had to leave me with my aunt and uncle when I was eight.

Oh I'm so sorry.

RT: *shrg* It's been awhile. I'm okay now.

So you said earlier she gave you that collar and it's magic?

RT: Yeah t's supposed to hide me until I reach my Moon's Majority.

And that is??

RT: *Shrug* I can't remember.

so we're just going to have to find out then, right?

RT: I guess.

So, RanTan, I can call you that right?

RT: That's what my best friends do.

Cool. So, nineteen. You in college?

RT: Yeah I'm a freshman at LSU

What're you studying if you don't mind my asking?

RT: I'm majoring in veterinary medicine and minoring in anthropology.

Wow those are pretty different. *laughs* Not that I can really talk XD

RT: no you can't.

How did you figure out you were a moon elf?

RT: I always knew I was different. My mom would tell me stories of her childhood. She never actually SAID we were moon elves but I did at times hear her mention Lunaervin.

Do you remember what she looks like?

RT: kind of. I remember she was tiny and delicate with china doll features and long curly hair. She also had dark grey wolf ears and matching tail.

O.o wolf ears and tail? Was she a furry too?!

RT: * stands and walks out*

H-hey RanTan it was a joke ! I'm sorry come back!

...touchy touchy. He didn't have to leave like that though. Prima Donna drama queen.

Oh well I'll save the rest of the questions til later.

So we're good. Next on the interview is the Wild Wiccan Wonder herself! (Who also hopefully won't be as touchy.)

[Commercial Break]

Welcome back everyone to: Meet the BT Cast!


Last time we had a bit of an issue with the main character stomping off, but this next character interview should go lots better. Everyone, let's give a warm welcome to the bold, the bright, the Wild Wiccan Wonder herself, Skylar Reed!!!!

//cheers and applause//

Skylar: *waves, smiling* Hi, everyone!

So Skylar, there's a ton of questions here for you today.

Skylar: Yeah? Like what?

Well first, can we get you name and age please?

Skylar: Sure, I'm Skylar Raven Reed and I'm eighteen.

Okay. That's a neat name.

Skylar: Thanks, it's a family name and Pops didn't want Raven as my first name. *shrug*

So, any thoughts of high school? College?

Skylar: Nope. I have no need for any of that.

So did you ever graduate high school?

Skylar: No. I got kicked out for lame reasons I refuse to go into other than they suppressed my given rights as an American citizen.

I'm...sensing hostilities.

Skylar: I refuse to bow down to a hypocritical government that's dead set on destroying the already crappy education system and-

You remind me of this other person I met once. His name was Remy...

Skylar: Oh Rems? He's a distant cousin.

...why am I not susrprised? *sigh*

Skylar: I don't know, maybe cause we're both so awesome?

So no high school degree nor plans of college?

Skylar: Nah. I have a decent job apprenticed to the current Mother of our coven. It's a very high honor. Working in her shop is the best thing to ever happen to me.

Aren't you afraid that you might be perpetuating the sterotype of wiccans being eco terrorists?

Skylar: Are you kidding me?! 'Eco terrorists'? Are you some kind of biggot?

No no I'm just wondering based on sterotypes in the real world.

Skylar: Honey this IS the real world, and you have something wrong with you, thinking or even suggesting that my fighting for the rights given to me as an American and a human being and giving a damn about our environment automatically ranks me as a possible eco terrorist!

uh.. Skylar you're glowing... *backing away* And I'm not calling you an eco terrorist. I'm sorry for any insinuation.

Skylar: *eyes flash bright green then calm down* That's better. So, what was the question again?

Your opinion on being stereotyped.

Skylar: Now why couldn't you have just put it that way earlier? *sighs and eyeroll* Stereotyping happens everywhere and hey if people wanna stereotype me all the power to them. Just don't come crying to me if the other realm decides to fuck with you.

As a wiccan, are you a natural or practising? If a natural, what is your gift if you don't mind my asking?

Skylar: I'm a gifted natural. My gift...*smile* is a secret for now.

Cool. So you work at a shop? Is it an herbal store? candle store? or a combo magic shop?

Skylar: It's a New Age store selling herbs, candles, meditation music, inscense, books, athemes, stones, wands, wood, alter supplies, you name it.

Wow. impressive!

Skylar: Thanks. Do you have anything else for me?

How did you meet RanTan?

Skylar: He ran into the shop one day, panicked. He was babbling about animal totems, being chased, and other strange things I couldn't quite understand. One of the first things I noticed about the kid was the strange wavyness of his figure and the odd glow centered around his neck.

Are you friends?

Skylar: Of course we're friends! I've known the boy for two years. Even though looking head on at him gives my third eye a headache. He has the cutest little springer spaniel that follows him around! *squeals*

So you like animals?

Skylar: of course! Though that Ranyou is something else with animals. If he was Wiccan I'd say it was his born gift. But he has to be something else entirely. I'm not positive but my instincts say he is something different; something other worldly.

You mentioned your father earlier. What's he like?

Skylar: Dad? Well, he's pretty cool actually. I mean he was mad initially when I quit school to work on my gift, but after seeing what I can do now he's been okay with it. Which is funny, him being a lawyer and all...

Okay then. Thanks a bunch, Skylar!

Skylar: No problem.

And that's a wrap on this installment of:
Meet the BT Cast!
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2013-02-28 07:30 pm

I'm a Writer


I must write. The urge is too great to ignore. The words burn down my veins from my head to my lower arm, where they sometimes get clogged, then into my wrists and down to my fingers finally to appear upon paper or a blinking screen. It’s like an addiction, and each day I do not write is like a different day for an addict in the beginning stages trying to get clean. It’s messy, it’s terrible, it just IS.

That is how I know I’m a writer.

Ideas. I can’t close my eyes some days without being bombarded with words, phrases, characters, and images that are dying to be created, to be written, to be SEEN, EXPERIENCED. My creative center is on a hair trigger and the world is my trigger, writing my bullets. As much as my arms ache when clogged my brain goes into overdrive. The constant images, words, personalities, and voices clamor nonstop in ebbs and flows; I never know just what is going to set it off into high gear again (Hell, my latest short story was inspired by a license plate for cripes sake).

That is how I know I’m a writer.

With words that emerge as smooth and natural as breathing, inspiration and ideas appearing from something as simple as a sneeze-

That is how I know I’m a writer.

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2012-12-01 01:59 pm
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2012-11-15 08:54 pm
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National Novel Writing Month

Welcome one and all to the first "official" post to 'Arkand'rs Box'! I'm really glad that you could join me. I"m not expecting to be able to do much regarding updates and posting to this blog this month seeing as it's my yearly Month of Crazy also konwn around the internet as 'NaNoWriMo/National Novel Writing Month'.

NaNoWriMo is a really great program which entails writing 50k (that's 50,000) words starting on the 1st of November and ending on the 30th at midnight.

Seems like quite the challenge, right?

While it is a challenge, the community of writers that get together each year on this month to be spontanious, crazy, wild, and fun are such a great support system and sounding board. I love them and the rush I get from cramming out words while half asleep not even caring about spelling, conjugation or syntax is immense.

This year my novel of choice has been playfully dubbed "Timey Wimey Mage Adventures". (Why yes, I'm a Dr Who fan, how did you guess? XD) Like the name states, it involves magic, time travel, and adventure!

Have I interested anyone yet? If so, here's the link to the website: (feel free to switch the site to your preferred language.

...I would love to talk more about all this but unfortunately, my roommate has set a word goal for me to reach by the end of this hour or I will get a giant stuffed blue bulldog that looks like a pedophile in dog form chucked at my head.

I better get to writing, then!!!

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2012-09-21 02:52 am


This is a test. Hopefully it works fine.